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Good evening. It’s February 12, 2021, and I’m using this guide to set up my personal development environment on Windows 10. I’m updating this as I go if I find something has changed.

Initially I had to do this because I found that my Ubuntu — Postgres apps weren’t connecting locally, and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was going wrong. I went back to the drawing board and found out I had to do things differently. So, here’s what I did.

First, these instructions are vital to follow. That is, read them thoroughly, and follow each…

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If you are like me, you understand the basics of JS functions, and know how to use them to help you create your programs, but there are complexities to them that you have ignored as you build your skills with fancy frameworks, libraries, languages, and technologies.

But, I’m going to succinctly inform you of what you need to know so that you can feel more empowered around JS Functions.

Let’s get to it.

Expressions, Values, Statements, Declarations, Oh My

In order to easily understand functions, it is good to get a handle on some terms.

Statements are blocks of code that can be executed:

It’s hard…

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In the first way, you’ll never read what I wrote when I was 14 because I have that on a folder, or should I say


a folder

where are you going to get that folder?

One time there was a boy who wandered into a store, a little store that sold candy and cigarettes, and he ordered cigarettes and


what a world!

It’s all I can do to keep the lights on. I hate my own stomach. It is not flat like the stomachs of the women I see in the stereo magazines that…

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Your wilfe, she lies.

And you believe her.

Wshe pickd you for that reaons

you take absue

and believe lies

Be that as it may.

One time I went to brush my teeth and couldn’t find my toothbrush. I yelled out, “Hey Google, find my toothbrush!” but my device was lost too. Where was my device and my toothbrush. And then again, where was the bookshelf that was in my living room? So much was missing!

But you know that doesn’t happen twice.

Back to that.

I gotta tell ya.

u r fooled

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Mae borke the heel on her new boots on a sidewalk. She took a taxi to the hospital and they cut her foot open to fix her boot. The boots cost two-hundred dollars, she told them, but they didn’t care, they fixed thos e boots like they were fixing their momma breakfast.

Of course this would happen. That’s life. The boots, they are tough but her foot. That just made her put her feet up and take an aspirin. She wasn’t a smoker, but she used to be.

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She pills she holds hand. If she takes them, she will get boobs and soft skin. and she was so hapy annd if it could happen in five seconds and se could be magic
but no


you have to walk outside and show the owrld who u ar with a body you don’v haav and ou need patienc

Maybe it helps to feel there is no friendly space. Perhaps I couldn’t picture a people who loved me, so one form of hatred was traded for another.

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My cat Nariko is curled up between the white sheer curtain and the dresser, up against the wall that contains the steam heater.
so there you have

then a radio plays behind me
softly directly speaking

then there are no fans

the ac will turn itself on

So, now that we’ve had a discussion there
What do you think of this?

There were two people who said they’d give me a million dollars if I pasted a dick onto the back of my neck.

I said where will this dick come from

and they said forget it, you are right

Soft pop little consonant
like popcorn on soft mordant waves
on a hermonious little surface air


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she said: I will never use drugs again
i said: that’s not a good approach
she said: fuck you
(and hung up the phone)
i say: better know when you drag a knife along your arm that you are never far from sinking it in

most drug addicts
they don’t hang around for talk of knives

tjem there was that time when
i walked outisde because I was gonna protest

and when i got to the proest I felt left out

i didn’t care I was protesting

protesting is for people who have poepole who love tem


we just go find a dark room

and slip

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if one were as it were imagine it was one that you are
and yyou had to tel your mom that you aren’t who she said you were
bu t yur mom is dead
how do you tell her

Kate Norton

Physicist turned Actress turned Writer turned Teacher turned Engineer. Speaker of uncomfortable truths and lover of animals, gaming, and JavaScript.

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