for Michael Senior Linux System Administrator of the White Race

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In the first way, you’ll never read what I wrote when I was 14 because I have that on a folder, or should I say


a folder

where are you going to get that folder?

One time there was a boy who wandered into a store, a little store that sold candy and cigarettes, and he ordered cigarettes and


what a world!

It’s all I can do to keep the lights on. I hate my own stomach. It is not flat like the stomachs of the women I see in the stereo magazines that I’ve seen. It goes up and then down and I can hardly see my vagina. And if I can’t see my vagina, how do I knwo if it exists? that’s all I need in my life. Really. Sometimes it gest so much. It’s either the lights off or I stop eating chewing gum and swallowing it and I’m not giving up the gum but I bet Victor coudl convince me to stop swallowing it because he ha s been so inclined before

Of cours,e its isn’t like most of what we think about is celebrated. ONly very select few people get selected for reality tv but they make it seem like everyone gets chosen but you don’t

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