Kate Norton

the air is like wet chalk
the fan is weak and aimless
condensation forms on a glass I have not washed
water fills a fourth of that glass

does bamboo need direct sunlight?

a carved bear is circled by dead brown bamboo

after Monday I’ll want to be naked in front of people



She screams at me
I don’t know
I guess food
has to wait
feed on a schedule
too early
Those are the rules
good food
Imported from New Zealand
Terrible for the environment
people are dying horribly
these cats get food from New Zealand
i get furry cuddle buddies

I will die horribly maybe



I suffer from

not knowing
what brings happiness

I suffer from
bad habits

the tendency to
repeat what I’ve done

and what i’ve done repeatedly
leads to suffering

I suffer from
lack of will

I do not want
ease, peace, well being


I suffer from
the inability
to love myself

like I love my cats

I suffer from

I suffer from

I suffer from

I suffer from

I suffer from
a mind

that can’t